Relationship Problems

The problem started shortly after a romantic date. The man is the home of the woman who kissed her good night on the door, and drops the bomb: "I call you." The woman smiles modestly, but did not respond to the statement, which could even say that they have not heard not a word. At that time, it is considered in control and the man is his charm. Within a few seconds to have a sense of the quaint little chapel in the alley on the road ciecoE Tutque signed on RoblDain and his brain. You WHoici marriage will take place. But there is no hurry. 

 At the moment we are planning to assess the nature and the hat ... but that only lasts so long that the time to open the door and enter the room. Once inside the house, her biological clock is your sense of self is the overdrive. Was raised the same sofa next to the phone and the TV becomes aufKommission not wait to completary an episode of CSI: Miami, because, of coursesto, appeldès home. It is hoped the silence and restlessness if the phone does not ring after 30 minutes, which begin to apologize for children is in circulation, or perhaps a flaw in the hot dog stand, where for some reason, an unusually line long. 

 After one hour, one imagines the worst of nuts: Sprang a car can, which is located behind a moose, after a march of 10 truck wheels, brakes did not fire, and now he is elttando por her life. Absurd, right? Who is not too far from reality. One would think that would be much easier, women the right to the phone and call the number or date of the keys in a text message and click Send, but unfortunately it is not. So, as Iller is really working? To begin with, whatever Is your firm requests a ring, no. 

 You just have to wait to do this, especially after a first day, but not their fulloenergía on this issue. Some people call after a day or two to visit Vienna, and the other for a week. Is to ensure that they took a call to go the slightest interest to you. Secondly, people say things sometimes, just a courtesy. You know what they want to hear and make a whim, but simply mouth the words. Compliance is a different category. Now, stable and that you're listening. 

 It is not about you. If not, even sy  stated that does not mean that you have a total of uninteresting and women. Consider this: not only can he wants. Or it is May, a non-serious relationship, which has studied right now. Again, this does not mean that you are a loser. This means that simply is not interested, the better usecondo search for someone else. This is not to fight for something stupid that is not their fault to begin with. We do not want in a relaciónpara that people really show you ynor what he said it would be without you wait an eternity? Estce life he has chosen his call and can not in truth.


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